Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Blog

I am thrilled to intoduce my new blog....

It is still a work in progress as I learn WordPress and ProPhoto Blog installation but I happy with it already and it should only get better from here:)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fashion Friday Forcast....

It's time for another fashion forecast Friday. This week my fashionable daughter, Hailey, is writing this post....

This week, the major trend we will be focusing on is Bohemian. Currently, one of the most popular styles in the art and fashion world, bohemian is worn all over the world. Bohemian is usually a warmer climate style, making it a great theme for your summer senior shoot! Amelia, one of this year’s seniors, is a great example on how to pull off this look without over doing it!








Bohemian typically consists of vintage inspired or vintage clothing with a hippy feel. The clothes are all loose fitting and have a flowy feel to them.

The best trick to pulling off the bohemian look is to have fun with it! Make it girly or make it tomboy. Make it summery or make it more of a winter look. Just make sure that it reflects you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Friday Forcast.....

This a new feature I am going to be adding to my blog. Part of the fun of being a photographer is planning and styling a photo shoot. My plan is to have a post regarding trends and fashion and what would be fun for a photo shoot on Fridays. I have two really stylish teenage daughters who will be helping me stay up on what is "hip" and I have asked my oldest daughter to start researching and writing some posts for me. I would even love to get some guest writers on here too.

Remember though, my main goal is to give my clients an experience that represents the true beauty within them and I just use props, clothing and accessories that enhance that! I really love it when I gather information about a client and create an artistic shoot around THEM!

Recently I did a photo shoot for a beautiful 2010 senior. I talked with Sam before hand about what her interests were and what she saw herself doing in the future. I was so excited when Sam let me know she wanted to be a fashion designer and that she would be attending the Art Institute after she graduated. With that information and knowing she loved vintage things too I was able to create a beautiful scene for her in a field using my antique dress form, a vintage sewing machine and a really cool old table that I had painted turquoise. She told me she had a dress that she made so we put it on the dress form and we a had a perfect setting to take some pictures of her. With the sun setting in the background, Sam's beauty, style and interests shined through in her portraits. It made me so excited when I saw what I was capturing in my camera.....I think I probably squealed and embarrassed myself.

Here are some of those images....





Now back to that fashion forecast. I have some favorite catalogs and online sites that I think really have some amazing clothing and accessories for photo sessions. Since I featured Sam today I think stores like Anthropologie ( or Urban Outfitters ( really match up with Sam's personality and style. Of course these stores can be a little spendy but you can always get great ideas from them and recreate a similar look with less expensive pieces. Remember this though, you are investing in your photos so invest some time and little money into a great outfit! You will be so happy that you did!

My daughter and I were in the mall this week and we popped into Urban Outfitters and they have sooooo many great things I would love to shoot some girls in! Here are some fun floral patterns and adorable straw hats that would be great for a country setting...just add an old vintage chair or suitcase and a pair of cowboy boots or bare feet! So fun!!! My only complaint is that these girls look like they are starving....would someone please feed them a sandwich, I can hear their stomachs growling through my computer. Oh the fashion world...don't they know that it is not healthy to look like this! Ok, off my soapbox...have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2011 Senior Specials has been awhile. Life and work have been pretty crazy but I am committed to being more disciplined about updating this blog.

I can't believe it is already the month of May. I have been busy finishing up orders and photo shoots for the class of 2010 but I have already started booking many clients for the class of 2011. Having my own daughter as a part of this upcoming senior class is exciting but making me realize how quickly time flies.

I am so excited to offer some early booking specials to kick my 2011 senior season.

Last year I booked solid for senior sessions so if you are wanting to book with me this summer or fall I would take advantage of this early booking special. There are a limited number of sessions available. If this is something your interested in please contact me via my If you are having a hard time reading the information on the specials it is all on my website as well.

Since a post is always better with photos, here are a couple from recent sessions that were so much fun.....with a common theme, rain:) That's living in the NW for you but I love that these two girls didn't cancel but we went with what mother nature gave us!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Day Ahead!!!

Today is going to be amazing but I can't share yet! Elise Marie Photography is doing something big in a couple hours and I can't wait to post all about it! But I better get some sleep so I can enjoy what's ahead....and because posts are always better with pictures here is one of my sweet oldest daughter when we did a fun photo shoot a couple of weeks ago. TTFN, Elise:)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Fabulous Winter Day and a Fun Senior!

Kaitlyn was such a treat to work with today. She was up for anything and we ran around looking for the most interesting spots to capture her in. So much fun!!!
Enjoy...more to come later:)









Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wow...two posts in one day!

Once the New Year hit I was going to really try hard and post more but I have been a little lame in blogging. Maybe making two posts in one day will make up for it....if not, well I promise to try harder!

This young lady is another one of my daughter's friends (Hailey's this time). Lucky me, I get to take pictures of these cute girls all the time! She got her braces off recently and her mom wanted to get some shots of her new beautiful smile! I think the orthodontist did a pretty good job! She was up for anything so we went down to my favorite spot on the river and we were even able to borrow a boat from the local fishermen to use as a prop. With Valentine's day coming up I was dying to do some shots high lighting my favorite red and pink holiday. Fun, fun, fun!